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Writer's Block: Let the shopping begin!

When do you typically start shopping for holiday gifts? Do you usually wind up buying stuff at the last minute?

I usually shop in the middle of everything. After Black Friday but before the week of Christmas. Probably in the middle of the week at night, when everyone is too tired to shop or whatever. I also usually like to only go one or two places to buy things. So I usually shop malls. I also hate waiting to last minute cause then I panic and I don't like panicking XD

Writer's Block: Scorching day

On a scorching day, do you prefer the beach or an air-conditioned movie theater?

I love both equally! I live in Las Vegas so its about 4 hours to the nearest beach. If I was near a beach and had to choose, what movies were playing would also come into play here. If they all looked like craptastic movies, beach it is! But if something I really wanted to see was in theaters, the beach would wait.

Writer's Block: Top of the Charts

What's the most-played song in your music library?

Wow, ready for this answer. My most played song at the moment is Renai Revolution 21 by Morning Musume, a J-Pop group. My second played song is Love Machine by Morning Musume. Yeah, I've been on a huge ass Morning Musume kick lately and it makes up a lot of my most played songs.

And here I shall use my Tsuji icon. Keeping it all related.

Writer's Block: Busting Blocks

It's blockbuster season in movie theaters. What was the last movie you saw?

I saw the Hangover with my mom and aunt last week. It was really really funny! I really enjoyed it!! But the theater was filled with people over 55 (seniors get weekday discounts) and everyone else seemed to dislike it because it was so dirty. My aunt and mother enjoyed it immensely though! My mom laughed so hard she began crying! Though some parts were so dirty, I was thinking about how I was watching this with my aunt and mother. But yeah, thats the last movie I saw in theaters. I'm planning on seeing Bruno and Ponyo this summer also. Possibly G-force if my mom pays. But most definitely Bruno and Ponyo.

Writer's Block: All-Nighter

When was the last time you stayed up all night? What were you doing?

Last 4th of July. Pam and Morgan were staying over and we went out to dinner, went to a sex store, played the wii, and did the works. We were just going to bed at three, and at this point in time I needed sleeping pills to fall asleep. I had to drop Morgan off at her house at 8am, and the sleeping pills knock me out for at least 8 hours, so since I needed to go out very early, I just stayed up the rest of the night. Morgan slept a little, but I kept waking Pam up right when she was falling asleep. I think that pissed her off. So at 7am, we went to McDonalds and then we dropped Morgan off and picked up some fireworks. Then Pam and I came home and attempted to sleep. I couldn't fall asleep, until after I dropped Pam off at home, so around 1pm.

What we did to pass the time was surf the interwebs, play PS2, Pam drew, we talked, we went through my massive amount of shit, and watched porn for the lolz. It was beyond fun, that night. And I'd love to repeat it, but I might have to work the fourth this year, sadly, cause I'm taking Melanie's hours while she is gone.

Writer's Block: When I Was Young

What do you miss most about being a kid?

Having no responsibilities. Kids don't have to pay phone bills, car insurance bills, rent, food, ect... Also, kids don't have to work 8 hours a day and they can play all they want on weekends. Although they do have to go to school, elementary school isn't as bad as college or trying to find a job in a shittastic economy. Also, my mom was more compassionate when I was a kid, and use to have tea parties with me. Being a kid was fucking bomb, in my opinion.

Totoro Song part two

Yes I have been obsessing over the Totoro song lately. This particular video here has both the songs from the Totoro movie and is sang by Matsuura Aya. I've never been a huge fan of Aya, but she did a wonderful job with this song. Also, she got to dance around the fucking Studio Ghibli museum. I want to go to the Studio Ghibli museum too, ma!!!

Writer's Block: You're a Winner!

Have you ever won a contest, drawing, or lottery? What was the prize?

Yes I have, twice in fact. Once I was at this American Girl fan club thing when I was 8, and I won a Josefina stationary kit with stickers and shit. It was pretty bomb, and it was the first thing I ever won that was mine. But one day I was out and for some reason my mom let my friends in my room without my permission, and they ruined the entire thing. When I got home I was devastated about it. My mother felt so bad about it too, and for Christmas that year I got a Samantha stationary kit, but it was not the same. I won the Josefina one, and it felt good to win something for once.

The other time, my mom won us a GIANT TWEETY BIRD. I can't even call it a plush doll cause it was filled with beans or some harsh shit like that. Well, she won the giant Tweety, and it just sat around everywhere for 5 years of my life. Tweety was ALWAYS THERE. That thing was fucking huge.

Well, that's my story.


This summer, I want to see this fabulous show again, even though tickets are 65 bucks. NAKED BOYS SINGING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Julie's going to see if she can use her mom's discount again to bring it down to 30 again.

I lost my copy of the Playbill for this, sadly...

Writer's Block: Talking Ducks

Happy birthday, Donald Duck! Which cartoon character do you think is the most disturbing?

AHAHA WHAT AN INTRODUCTION! "Happy birthday Donald! Who's a creepy cartoon character????"

Okay, now to business. IDK what it is, but Roger Rabbit and his girlfriend Jessica Rabbit scare the shit out of me. I never liked them, I was too frightened for some weird reason.